Clean gto= result ,help me tune my baby

hello guys im new to this club. i drive a 92 gto twin turbo in red.

i was parked at work at halfords autocenters in hedge end when some one left a note to join this club. i am a mechanic at the auto centre ive had my gto since november 2013 getting it on the road was easy and a surprise … clean car = result.

the car has a history my granddad had it imported in 2006 and drove it very little. then i took over the restoration of the gto. any advise is welcome…

another cool thing is the number plate g19 gto… if u see it come say "hi’

mike jones

Hi and Welcome to the Club,

I think Butler was the one who left you a note, he did post a photo on the Facebook group. The car looks as if it is in great condition.

Hope you find what you’re looking for here.


Hi bud do you remember speaking to me a few weeks back I had the red 99 outside halfords.

It was butler that stuck the note on your car as he was down visiting me.

Get some pics up and ask away for any questions you have, I’m sure butler will be along shortly to say hi.

We’re a friendly bunch so don’t be shy and welcome to GTO UK.


Welcome to the club,

Hi Mike. I was in Hedge End only last week!!

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club.


Welcome buddy


Welcome to the club

Welcome to the club Mike,plenty of knowledge from the guys in here!

Hi mike

It was me! :slight_smile: as Gavin said I was visiting him getting parts… And just between you and me … I was enjoying the company if his wife more than him lol

Serious note the clubs awesome we arrange alot of meets during the year and would be good to see you there. All the guys here are friendly and as others have said knowledge is huge.

This must be a first, someone leaves a note on a car and hey presto, they’re here.
I’ve left cards on other cars to inform them of this forum but they’ve never made it to here. Probably looked around but have never posted.
The most spied was on a sunny August day last year, three in one day, but never left a card for them!!!They were driving :lol:

Welcome Mike, get some pictures up if you can.

Terry 8)

I saw the note and my first though was some hit my babie… I hit the roof but was glad to see it was just a “come say hello” note…

well if anyone in the hedge end was too have a meet the weekend or around payday let me know…

I will upgrade my membership end of month … got to get paid…

That is the best time anyway as the new membership year starts in April. Though if you did pay now I am sure they would extend it through to next year anyway.

Yup :wink: we do make allowances , however might be worth waiting until after the AGM we will be looking at the fees

Welcome to GTOUK 8)

Craig :slight_smile:

Come along to te AGM !

welcome to the friendliest club in the world mate try and get yourself along to some of our meets I guarantee a great welcome and a great time with all. Jonathan

AGM is in coventry thats a bit too far… plus im saving for japfest got stuff i want to do the car.

maybe the next one.

if you ever see my car at work come say hello.