Hi all just had a question as ask the community members. In regard to clear poly-carbonate cam covers in the US sells them for around $400 usd a pair, and just wanted to know if anyone makes them in the UK and what is the going price? also in regard to a clear timing cover yes a clear timing cover that I have not seen made by anyone anywhere for the 3000GT/Dodge Stealth or whatever they are called in UK or Europe which would be ideal to have just wanted your guys opinions on this and would would be an ideal price in USd or Euro’s if someone was to get it made? Obviously quality and fitment needs to meet or exceed standards. It wont be easy making a clear poly-carbonate lower timing cover, perhaps that is the reason why 3sx has not made it or thought of making it.

Only know of those cambelt covers from 3sx.

No one else sells them as they fill up with cam belt debris and other stuff and look appalling after a few months of being fitted as they fill up with dust and other crap.

This is why i don’t sell them.

3SX is the only place that sells them i as far as i know

So wouldnt it be the same with the factory plastic covers? same meaning to what you have stated? so does everyone that has the same opinion as you dont use cam covers at all factory or aftermarket clear covers?

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Have you personally seen anyone with these clear cam covers on their MK1 or MK2’s? I have not yet bought these clear covers for my custom build considering I have heard that the quality and fitment is not superior from our forums here in the US that is why I was curious to know what your members in the UK have to say about it. Also the idea of having the entire cake meaning clear cam covers and a clear lower timing belt cover so one would get to see the entire timing belt rotation and pulleys which in my opinion would be somewhat of a show build.

My thoughts are having a lower belt cover is unnecessary, the amount of work to produce it far outweighs the view as the engine side mount, inter cooler pipe and chassis box section makes the whole thing virtually invisible. The space there is so limited that its not like its on display. The idea is nice but the lack of space means you’d only see down there with a torch. However, its your build, we all have our thoughts on personalisation of our cars and with the advent of @DavePerky LED’s you could light it up to give it a wow factor. I have only ever seen one car with clear covers and @GSXRKID is right. The dust and muck that gets behind those covers makes it look tacky and require regular cleaning.

Good luck on your rebuild and get some pictures up, we just love pictures of these cars and the progress members make with what they are trying to achieve.

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Hi, yes I do agree with the great points you have made, however, the reason to have clear cam covers and a clear timing belt covers are for those that have invested a great deal of time, energy and money in getting their build fit for a show car contest, so to speak. But then again it is not for everyone. I have made a recent youtube video on my build for Joe @ 3000GT Restorations forum. I have also mentioned in earlier threads that I am well aware of these JDM engines having a fairly tight fit in the engine bay, however, fitting proper lighting such as leds shall compensate for poor visibility of the entire timing belt in action. I do believe I shall be the first to offer clear timing belt covers along with cam gear covers sold as a set to those who want it for their amazing Mitsubishi GTO engine builds worlwide.
Just type in BLUE TAHOE VR4 in the YouTube search bar, there should be 2 parts of the video. My first time making a youtube video considering my age so please excuse the vocabulary, grammar and poor lightning. Hopefully I shall get better in making more vdieos.

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I have deleted the previous youtube videos because I was not at all happy they way they came out, so I am in the process of making a new one by today and shall post the link for everyone. The video shall only show the entire engine build and engine bay and the next few upcoming videos shall be on the front suspension and then cosmetics. The body in in great condition including the interior. I am staying with the entire active aero system that most people get ride off. A full straight pipe borla exhaust shall be installed. K-sport lowering springs with some nice aftermarket wider wheels and lastly a new paint job. For tuning I shall install a standalone ECU later down the road but for now just keeping everything as stock as possible. The rest of the work shall commence spring of 2022.