Clearout - B/C, Fuel Controller, Injectors etc

Right, got a few bits I no longer need as I am going the MAFT Pro route etc (and the car isn’t dead/dying) so a few things need to be gone!

My old standard flywheel, it looks ok to me and since my mechanic told me it was in decent nick, it may be of use to someone (the white thing is a bit of paper) -

I have no idea what it is worth, so if someone wants it, make me an offer! It is pretty heavy, so while I could ship it, it’ll probably be quite expensive. So, either pickup, Essex meet or GTOUK postal service.

Tyres -

They are ANTYRE HP188 245/35ZR19 93W XLs. I got them with the car and they have been sitting in my garage for over a year. They look pretty new to me and I haven’t used them, but I don’t know their history.

Again, these are pretty large/heavy so pickup/Essex meet/GTOUK postal service. £40 for the pair. NOW SOLD


Bought this off ebay middle of last year and haven’t used it, was sold to me as working and appears to have all the bits etc from what I can tell and looks in pretty good condition to me.

£230 delivered. NOW SOLD


Again, got this off ebay middle of last year and not used it. Looks in great condition to me and am pretty sure it has everything. It also has a serial number quite a bit higher than the ones that had probs on 3si, so am confident it has the newer firmware.

£200 delivered. NOW SOLD

Evo Injectors -

I got some Evo 560cc injectors from an Evo breaker ( last year. I paid £100 delivered, I haven’t used them so am looking for the same now. NOW SOLD

Bank Transfer/Paypal/Cash on collection.

Thanks for looking. :slight_smile:

can i have the tyres please mate send me your e mail addy n i will paypall you for them if thats ok