Club shop..hamburger & Multiple uploads on mobile

@DeanMarkTaylor any idea when the club shop will be back in the hamburger menu?
I want to do a post about club events and can’t link anything to the shop. I only use iOS devices. Also did you see my tag regarding multiple photo uploads from iOS devices,?

The our custom hamburger menu items are now back with links to Shop, Events, Traders and the Homepage.


Cool .
Any idea on the uploads?

I’ve submitted the code changes to get support for this, waiting to see if they get accepted.

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@DeanMarkTaylor erm the hamburger menu is not fixed.

Weird working now!

You have to load the page again between updates…
… mobile browsers keep the same window open without refreshing for a long time.

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Yeah that’s what I did… Handy to know for future though

Looks loads better on my Samsung s6 much bigger list easier to navigate :+1:


The multiple upload feature for mobile is now available on the site.

Note that it works on iOS, tested on iOS 9.3.1.
Availability of multiple file upload is limited on Android to the very latest Android 5 using Chrome 50+

Awesome Dean thank you :slight_smile:
Will make post even pics so much easier

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