Club shop

Just tried to have a look in the shop

Apparently i don’t have permission to access it :shock:

How rude :lol:

not like im a newbie now is it

Craig :smiley:

Hummmm, me too… :shock:

me too come on mark sort it out

I have been, reason none of you have permission is because it not finished.

I was going to fix it when we got new server, but as that hasn’t happened yet I started doing it over the weekend just gone.

It not quiet ready to go live yet.


Cmon mate pull your finger out its not like you have a day job or anything to do at home is it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Craig :slight_smile:

Been in Stourbridge all day :frowning:

And this sun is killing me… Will be home tomorrow though so hopefully I will get something done.