Club Subscription and the Penny


@NAS @DeanMarkTaylor Can you explain the £0.01 GBP? Just wondered what it’s about, I understand the £0.91 GBP is the fee charged by PayPal to accept the payment.

Just been charged 1p?

This is to do with our GTO UK’s membership year being from April 1st to March 31st, it’s PayPal’s way of aligning payment dates to match or just be really close.

Sometimes when PayPal switches over from the first year to the next it needs to charge something…
… so it charges the smallest amount possible - one penny £0.01.

This should only happen once…
… just between the first year of your subscription and the next.


So because I paid the 28th and it wants to get to the 31st. I get it now. Thank you.

EDIT: Just imagine how much money they’ve made from all those pennies!


Your a bit late mate we’re in June yours must be interest :smiley:


Top tip folks pay late you get less membership for your sub and it costs a penny more

Craig :grinning:


I’ve a had look through what I “missed” to be honest I’d rather pay the extra than read some of the dribble :joy:


Lol you missed a whole meet but so did others :joy: dribble you kids gotta remember we dribble cos we’re old and require constant lubrication.


Ahh but you HAD to go back and read it :wink: We saw it happen at the time , got more for our money and didn’t cost us an extra penny :joy:

Craig :grinning: