Clutch problem fix

I have a 1995 3000gt VR4 spyder LHD from USA
Is there anyone in the BATH area who can carry out clutch repairs? Or if not anywhere else in UK


Hi what seems to be up with it or your concerns as I have just replaced my clutch and its considerably difficult I don’t let garages touch my cars

not really sure what the issue is.
Started it (depressed clutch) it started OK.
I then tried to put it in gear but the clutch pedal has seized solid.
It is in the up position and will not depress.
Strangely I can select an gear so it looks like the clutch is released but the pedal is stuck up.
Since turning off the engine i can no longer depress the clutch to I cant start the car!!!
Any help greatly appreciated…or even better someone you could recommend to fix it :slight_smile:

I think the best thing is to try and bleed the clutch system. If you open the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder (on top) of the gearbox can you push fluid through using the clutch? Of course check the fill level of the reservoir before and after. You don’t need the car running to do this etc…

Hi James

thanks for the advice
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Their is a bleed nipple on the front of the gearbox leading back to the clutch slave cylinder crack the nipple off with a tube in some clutch fluid see if the pedal will depress bit odd that one it’s usually a soft pedal not what you are describing let us know how you get on I am in the Midlands cheers steve :+1:

Hey Chris, what you are describing sounds like something is physically stopping you from depressing the clutch. There are a couple of possibilities that can happen.

The slave cylinder is siezed, requires replacement. Or.

If you can gain access to the slave cylinder area have a feel for the clutch fork, they can become dislodged from the pivot pin. You may be able to re position it from there.

Paul (fellow Spyder owner)

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Out of interest Chris, was the car running when you bought it? I ask because the history will help determine what’s happening. If the car hasn’t been used/run for a while this would possibly cause the hydraulic issues mentioned. It might be just a case of bleeding the slave and the master cylinders, in which case there won’t be a need to get at the clutch. There might just be the chance that the clutch driven plate has stuck/become seized between the clutch pressure plate and the engine flywheel, but this could only really have occurred if the car hadn’t been run for absolutely ages.


Hi kiddo right ttis clutch issue where the clutch fork stick out of the gearbox which the slave cylinder operates the lever you should be able to move the fork lever with your hand ,in a pumping motion if you can the it’s between the slave cylinder on the gearbox and the clutch cylinder on the bulk head which the clutch pedle operates. Mind you you will have to remove the air filer box in to order to do this for more acess the battery front washer bottel as well no big deal though let me know how you get steve

Cheers Paul I will investigate your suggestion

cheers for your help much appreciated

Possibly the clutch servo has failed or the damper valve on the gearbox is at fault