Collecting a 95' TT this weekend!

Let me just start by saying Hi!

I’m going to be collecting my GTO this Saturday and I cant wait to take her out for a spin!! She’s a 94’ TT that’s in okay condition. The bodywork is a wreck but the interior is pretty clean. Shes replacing my Mk1 GS300 as a daily/weekend car. The car is located 144 miles away and to be honest, I’m kinda reluctant to do that kind of mileage on the day I buy it. The current owner says its had new turbos put in and a new gearbox which is great but then that got me thinking, “what could have caused them to be needing a change in the the first place??”. The clock is at 110k with a mixture of km and miles. The belt has been changed so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about!!

All in all im looking forward to working on her and sharing my thoughts and pics!!


P.S. - I’m gonna attempt 144 miles with about 20 litres of fuel!! I’ll let you guys know how that goes!!! xD

Hi and welcome to GTOUK

Hope your road trip goes well


Craig :slight_smile:


And welcome to the club

With some calculations from owning a fair few of these cars you are not gonna do it…

I would say most people when they buy one of these cars struggle to get 20 miles to a gallon

144 div by 20 = 7.2 gallons x 4.54 to get litres=32.68

You will need about 33 litres at least to do that journey I would stick £50 quids worth in and resist hoofing it until you get it home and help is nearby

Where did the turbo’s come from and who did the gearbox ??

Good luck with the journey

And if i can help you in the future please just give me a call

Regards Rob

Thanks for the welcome guys!!

Yeh I wasn’t counting on making it loool!!!
I shall report back my total expenditure for future reference. Should be interesting to find out.

Believe me though I’m not expecting 50mpg+ out of a vr4!! In fact, I couldn’t care less about the mpg. Low fuel is just an excuse to drive to petrol station :smiley: Plus I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that my poor baby is coughing on carbon deposits!!

I agree with Rob, you’ll definitely need a small top up :slight_smile:

On my standard engine I was getting about 27mpg when driving very gently on the motorway, but about 18-21mpg when doing the daily commute.

But as you say, you didn’t buy it for the fuel economy, good luck! :smiley:


Sounds a bit like my old rx8!! 27 isn’t bad though!!

The only mods that I know of are:

Decat exhaust (Owner still has the Cat for MOT’s)
K&N Drop in filter
Replacement low mileage 9b’s
Chrome turbo piping
Ripspeed Bucket seats <<<Seriously why would you do that to a GTO!!!
Smoked rear lights and indicators <<<Im not keeping the smoked rears

I’m guessing it must have had a boost controller at some point that was set to high which caused the engine and turbo’s to go.

Oh and Rob I’ve been looking on Evil Empire and I’m definitely looking to get that Denso Fuel Pump soon!!!

Welcome to GTOUK, get some pictures up when you can :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club. As Neil says get some photos up. :slight_smile:

They’ve probably replaced the seats to make it lighter (the seats in these weigh 450kg… Ok well maybe not quite but they are V heavy!!)

Also you say there done the belt… Did they do the water pump.
Mine had the belt done 2000miles ago (2 1/2 years ago by previous owner) yep I do NO milage in it per year! Lol
But they didn’t do the water pump… Hence mines now leaking and definitely risking blowing my engine up taking it to a show this weekend! Water pump is a must do :slight_smile:

There aren’t too many GTO’s in the Harrow area, for that matter, anywhere (except Essex… :wink: ). I work in Rayners Lane and get to see Harrow and surrounding area quite a bit. Good luck with the trip. Would be good to pop over and take a look at your acquisition sometime.


Will defo get some pics up this weekend once I’ve cleaned her up. The bodywork is almost a write off hence the low price!!

With the seats I was referring to the brand. Ripspeed isn’t something I’d wanna associate with high performance car. But yeah I guess lighter is better.

I haven’t enquired about the waterpump but it’ll be the first thing on my list if its not done!! My old 5th gen prelude blew its head gasket because of the water pump and hoses.

GTO’s are very rare which is why I love them!! They don’t carry the same rep as Supra’s and Skyline’s which makes them the perfect underdog/stealth car :wink:

There is a red mk1 with a mk3 spoiler parked along Eastcote Lane near Rooks Heath High School and I’ve seen a silver mk2 around Ruislip. But these never seem to move!!

Yes, I’ve also seen the red one on Eastcote Lane outside the school and bunged it up on here on the “was it you” section, but no reply.

Welcome to GTOUK, Hope you have a great drive home & enjoy your car as most of us do 8)


Sorry for the late reply guys. I did get her home but unfortunately it was on the back of a tow truck!! The alternator was dead and the battery died out on the m5!! I spent the whole of last night changing it and now shes running smooth. Will put some pics up as soon as ive organised myself a bit better

That sucks, glad you got it home and sorted.


Always the same. The parting words from the guy I bought mine from “she’s driving really well just now” - cue a journey home where a nasty clunk developed from the propshaft, the brakes stopped working, one exhaust was clearly swinging loose, and it ground out on speed bumps.

I’m just about to pull off a big clump of silicon on the underside, god knows what that is covering. At least you’ve got the car back and can care for it properly from here on in.

Sorry for the late reply guys!!! I haven’t had a lot of time lately as my mums been in and out of hospital.

I will be starting a project page soon seeing as I have already started work on it. I pray that I don’t have to do an alternator change ever again!!!

All she needs now is the IAC sorting out and the gear linkages need re-doing. The 4ws powersteering has been blocked off by a plate as there is a leak but I’m not sure what my plans for that are just yet.

jeemy I’m gonna come clean and say I only picked her up for £900 so I wasn’t expecting perfect. But I totally understand what you’re saying. Also according to the past MOT’s, she’s only been driven ~10k miles in the last 5 years.

Dodgemonkey I’m sure whether or not it belongs to an enthusiast or not. It rarely moves and I’ve only seen it on the road once. I’m 100% sure it’s a 4spd auto though. I love the mk3 spoiler on it!

Going back to the whole mpg topic, she isn’t too bad!! It only cost me £20 of v power to do 60 odd miles. And I wasn’t even trying to drive economically.

Once again thanks for the welcome guys!! I hope you lot enjoy my project write up once I get a chance to start it!!

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Finally got round to uploading a photo of her!! This was taken the morning after I got her up to Cambridge after replacing the alternator. She goes well with my mk4 but I’m still missing one car from my collection.

I’m gonna start my write up for my project soon as I have done a small bit of work on her. BTW if anyone needs help/advice with cleaning the IAC or changing the alternator then I’m more than happy to help out!!


The only thing I don’t like about this photo… That tree!!! :deciduous_tree: