Complaint- now a thanks!

Hi rob.

I thought i would post this on here as i cant get get hold of you and as you don’t seem to reply to messages left for you on your voicemail, your website contact section or pm on the forum.

Hope to be expecting those gaskets on my doorstep Monday(tomorrow). I hope you sent them as you told me I’d have them Tuesday just gone, it is now nearly a week later and still no gaskets and no contact to say why I haven’t had them. I currently have no car and am expecting to be able to use the Gto from Monday evening so please make sure I have them. It has been 3 weeks now since I first asked about them and 6 and a half weeks since I made the order. You have been very unprofessional with regards to how you have been dealing with me as you have told me many times that i would be recieving the items the following day, then when I call you the following day you say you’ve been too busy, or didn’t get round to it. The time when mitsi delivered the bits late to your door i would have appreciated a phonecall even after 8 that evening to say you couldnt send them. Reason being is my car isn’t at home and the morning I was expecting the delivery i drove all the way to get the car running and find my bits haddnt arrived AGAIN. I shall NOT be dealing with you again.


Tom :smiley:

I will be going into work shortly (6.30pm) on a Sunday evening , to get the number to call you whilst i am there.

Lets see if your phone is switched off like it has been the 3 times i tried to call you earlier last week… :evil:

I really wish i had not help you with your turbo’s !!!


I called you from work, (check the number if you wish) and left you a message on your mobile as you didn’t answer.

I wonder how many suppliers would drive into work to get a customers number and call them on a Sunday Evening…???

I have left you a number to call me on this evening, so I can explain to you again why the gasket is not here either with us or with you!!

I cannot send you what I don’t have no matter how bad you make it sound.

I helped you out with your turbo’s when I should not have and let you have a set of cores that should have gone to Dave Bates (who graciously allowed me to use his cores to help you get yours sooner as you was impatient for them.)

I told you when we last spoke on the phone that I hoped the gasket would be in on the next shipment from Japan and in the end it wasn’t, as Japan did not have any until last week, where they have now shipped a quantity to me.

I have a shipment due in tomorrow which should allow me to send the gasket out to you, along with the other two parts that are here for you.

There are two numbers to get through to me on during the day and although I agree it’s sometimes hard to get hold of me, it’s not the impossible task you make it out to be.

If you want to chat to me about this, I will be on 01702-614469 from 9am to 6pm.

Even answering this Post on the forum has been delayed as people called me at work as i said i would be here and they have called to order stuff !!
I started writing this reply just after i called you !!

I just called you again at 19.34pm and again left you a message

I can confirm that Rob asked if he could use the cores to help someone out. Personally I always call Rob at he unit, never not had him answer yet.


Hey Tom.
Think you might be getting a little precious here…
If Rob can answer the 'phone he does! Fact is, he is the world’s worst for getting off the 'phone once you are talking to him :lol:
If the bits ain’t arrived from Japan, then he can’t send 'em to you. Simple. Sometimes the bits don’t arrive. Not his fault.
Rob can source and provide bits that you won’t be able to get ANY where else… don’t cut off your nose to spite face and announce publicly that you will never use him again. You may well have to and if you’ve pissed him off, then he might decline to let you have that essential bit you need (but he wouldn’t, 'cos he’s Rob and will ALWAYS bend over backwards to help a GTO owner.)
Believe me, if you can’t get the gaskets off Rob, then you won’t get 'em anywhere else - or as cheap.
Chill - sometimes parts are difficult to get for our old girls - and they will get more and more difficult to source as time goes buy. You ain’t got a Ford Focus that you can buy bits from Halfrauds from whenever you like. Stop throwing the toys out of your pram and accept that sometimes you are gonna have to JUST WAIT! :wink: :wink:
Rob has always sourced the bits for me that no other place can source. Yes, sometimes I have to wait, but hey, that’s all part of owning a GTO mate.
6 weeks??? Nothing!!! If you want your parts yesterday, then go drive a Corsa…

Its not just our ‘old girls’ that can be a problem. My sisters husband has a Renault Espace which has been in and out of various Renault main dealers for nearly 18months now trying to fix the auto box. They got it back a week ago and it was broken again inside of a week. I have never found parts for the GTO particularly difficult to get hold of, yes sometimes its easier to order them yourself from abroad but for everytime I have tried this Rob has come through in half the time and with a much more competitive price. Most Mitsi main dealers can not supply the array of parts Rob can source and even when they can find the part your after they are usually MUCH more expensive. Thats just the price you pay for a vehicle which was never really a high production model and that has been out of production for the better part of a decade. Just be glad we arent at the point of having to get parts custom made by machine shops yet or you really would be frustrated !!!

Best regards,


i can say rob has helped me allot and i will always call him 1st if i need anything. you cant please everyone rob and you can only be as quick as the parts get to you. keep up the good work rob im greatful .

ROB= top class, honest bloke.
Everything I’ve ordered Rob has ALWAYS told me if it’s out of stock and warned there could be a delay. I cant see why he would have treated anyone else any different.
I really think you may regret threatening to never use Rob again unless you’re planning to sell your GTO. If not, it really would be an idea to try and clear the air with Rob.

I thought i would put a close on this …

Tom called me on Monday and apologised about his post and that he wanted to continue purchasing from me.

We have sorted out his dilemma and the fact that he was on holiday when i tried to call him all week and on the Sunday night when i originally replied to his post!!!.. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Anyway the gasket arrives here tomorrow and he should have his car back on the road this weekend.

Cheers Rob

I agree Rob, you sure are the ‘biggest’!! :rofl: GTO parts dealer.

Hi Rob,
most of my bits come from you & a very happy :smiley:
if im in the s…t you have allways been good.
:smiley: :smiley: thanks

Hey rob!

Just wanted to say thankyou for the turbo refurb. You did a top job! Im pleased to say that there is no longer oil going into the intake side of the turbo and they are looking supurb.

Highly reccomend anyone to speak to rob if they need to refurb their turbos.

I apolagise for the friction i caused and look forward to dealing with you in the future :smiley:

See you at the Kent meet dude!



Glad you settled your differences with MR Evil E!
now Rob, mate aint spoken to you for a while how much you charge for refurbing Turbo’s mate?



[quote]Glad you settled your differences with MR Evil E!
now Rob, mate aint spoken to you for a while how much you charge for refurbing Turbo’s mate?



Hi VJ,

I may have a cunning plan for you to help you out…

Give me a call when you have 5 mins and dont tell that bavvy geezer!!!lol

Cheers Rob


[quote]Glad you settled your differences with MR Evil E!
now Rob, mate aint spoken to you for a while how much you charge for refurbing Turbo’s mate?



Hi VJ,

I may have a cunning plan for you to help you out…

Give me a call when you have 5 mins and dont tell that bavvy geezer!!!lol

Cheers Rob[/quote]

i heard that lol. :lol:

Nice One Guys

Takes a big guy to apolagise in public Tom good on you mate.