Connecting aftermarket cd player

So I have bought a new cd player as one wasn’t in the car when I bought it…I found out why earlier.

So there is just lots of wires pic below

Any ideas what I would need to get it hooked up??
The connector for the cd changer and antenna are present but not sure on the rest!

looks like you’d need to wire it all back in, depends on how you want to do it.

Either with a new head unit cut and splice directly into the head units wiring loom, of course this means you need to know the GTO’s wiring loom.

Or get a stock connector and cut and splice it back in, followed by an adaptor from the stock end to the end of the new head unit.

Do you have access to the wiring diagrame or do you have any electrical skills, as it’s easily done with a multi meter and basic electrical knowledge.

Ok so I have ordered a harness, would the wires from harness co-ordinate with the wires that I have to re wire?? ( I am a complete amature with electrics )