Considering to buy a 3000gt

Hey, I saw this 3000gt for sale:
It is located pretty far from me, and i am unable to inspect it myself with the whole covid situation (i’m doing my driving practical at the moment). I looked at the MOT history and it seems to have a few rust related advisories, I wanted to ask for your opinion as it’s a relatively low mileage car considering it’s age and it seems to be a non import.

Thanks in advance

There is a buyers guide @spiros will put the link up when he’s on. The 3000GT’s did suffer more of a rust problem than the GTO’s but the latter is catching up quickly. Rust problems can be fixed but it all depends on the asking price to be weighted against the work required.

Good luck in your search.

Terry :sunglasses:

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I did read through this buyers guide:
Since i wasn’t able to inspect a car myself i was wondering if someone here has encountered this one and maybe has any opinions on it

It looks like a tidy standard example. Its an early Mk2 UK spec, it has the moonroof from the mk1 and some of the interior bits, Steering wheel, Carpet etc. it will most likely have the 5 speed gearbox too.

Price is reasonable, however i would look to get a later one with the 6 speed box and full black interior. But that is my personal preference.


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Hi and welcome to GTOUK

had a quick Look through the previous mots on that one , two years consecutively it has been logged with corrosion issues , for a low mileage car that was most likely cherished I’m surprised it hasn’t been addressed .

You are going to struggle to find anybody to look over a car at the moment with the current restrictions , you could see if the garage could give you a walk around via video but that still doesn’t give you the gut feeling of standing in front of one

Any that you come across feel free to pop up the links and we will advise where we can




Thanks a lot for your insight guys, I’ll probably wait it out for now unless another irresistible offer comes by. The dealership that’s selling this one is closing down the company apparently so they won’t be offering warranty with the purchase and they haven’t gotten back to me with the paperwork that comes with the car.
I’m probably jumping the gun judging by what’s happening outside and i don’t even have a full licence yet… but I’m getting more and more obsessed with 3000gts as days go by :smile:
It’s been pretty rare to find any 3000gts 1994+ in Essex area in general that would fit my budget (non popup headlights ones as i’d want to try to do the 1999 conversion in the future. don’t want to reduce the number of popups as they are beautiful in their own way).

Hopefully I’ll be back soon and thanks again,


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If you can get it cheap, 3k its worth the gamble

Well Rob at Evil Empire @GSXRKID is based right down by you so well worth having a chat with him

I did try to haggle, unfortunately he said the price is fixed

It is at the mo but when closure is imminent things change

No warrante is a big deal so use it to your advantage. Corrosion on theses in can be very expensive

If you can wait, do have a look at a few others first, give you an insight on price and quality, I took the first 1 I saw and slightly over paid, if you ever come to bury st Edmund’s let me know and you can look around mine, it’s a mk1 and off the road on jack stands atm but still helps

Welcome to GTOUK car looks nice but it needs a thorough inspection at this price.

I’d love to after the lockdown, thanks. i’m trying to learn as much as i can about these before getting one. I knew next to nothing about cars a few months ago :smiley:

@UK_GTO_TT Hopefully they’ll keep in touch, they were chasing the original owner on paperwork last time i talked to them. And if they don’t get back to me with paperwork, i heard there’s a recommended service of the belt, tensioners and the waterpump over 65k miles? If that hasn’t been done my guess it would cost ~£500 in parts and labor

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Looking at 500 just for genuine parts, look at evilempire, rob is the best place to get anything for a gto

Hang on. Haven’t got a licence yet, is this your first car? Twin turbo V6?

in my defence i’m not a race down the road type of guy. just want a car i wanna get attached to from the start and keep for a long time. I’m open to both NA and vr4’s. last NA i chased was again too far and during the pandemic. got sold before i had the chance to go visit it.

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The insurance quotes will decide

Non import VR4 quote was £1600 a year, the imported NA was £2300. both of these on a provisional licence. It is really pricey but i’m willing to bite the bullet. Hoping on my 25th birthday it’s gonna drop a little lower too :smile:

U.K. cars have usually been cheaper to insure , sometimes even cheaper than the imported n/a version

Try advanced insurance

they specialize in imports, I got insured with them when I was 25 and it was around 600 3rd party now I’m 25 it was a bit cheaper fully comp that was for a twin turbo import