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Hi, can I check what is your contact e-mail for parts availability as I would like to check up on whether some parts that you have on the website are available? I tried using the messaging system from the Evil Empire website but had no response. Thanks.

Rob is massively busy always, it’s a lot better to give him a ring

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Hi Ken

Found your E mail and will reply to it as soon as i get 5 minutes to do so

Cheers Rob

Ok, thanks Rob.

I would if I was in UK, but being half way around the world…

Ahhh, fair enough

Hi Rob, have replied to your mail. What’s the best way to complete the order? Through your web-site?

You can call him using messenger and it’s free or what’s up
Jerry :grinning:

Whats up! Is that App just Evil Empire specific?:sweat_smile:


I will mail you later on how to proceed with your order, as always been mega busy and there is only me here at the empire

I replied to your mail at just past midnight on Sunday and as i sent the mail from home i cannot add the oil squirters to your order until i get home later…

Cheers Rob

No you can add me on whatsapp steve

Fell for it Rob!
As you know i already have you on whats app!

Was joking that using a ‘Whats Up’ app would be yours as your the one to call when we we need something, you answer 'Whats Up’:sweat_smile:

Anyway. Did you get my voice mail? Did you send tha strut nuts as didn’t arrive today in post.


Steve, two things I’ll have to add into the write up regarding the front struts and that is the wire for the sensor and bracket and the brake pipe bracket.

Terry :sunglasses:

Thanks Rob, I tried to complete the transaction and payment but had some problems that I need you confirm is OK with you before I go ahead. Details are in the e-mail. Forgot about Whatsapp. You can Whatsapp me on the hp number in your system (I hope it’s there).

Do let me know so that I can complete payment. Thanks again.


I managed to change the spring without removing the brake pipe or abs from the shock.
Had too really as the nuts on these are also siezed.
There was just enough play to work with.
Worth putting but not essential other than making sure they are not stretched too far hence causing a leak.

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Be very very careful with ABS sensors and NON of them are available now !!

So extreme caution is advised with anything to do with them

You didn’t tell me that! My abs light is on and won’t go out…

Bulb out time? :sweat_smile:

Yes, it might have to come down to that. It’s off to some mechanics on Friday so hopefully they will fix it…

Hi Rob, can I get you to check my e-mail to you and confirm that I can proceed and complete the payment as described? I wouldn’t want you to have any problems with the VAT office. Can you let me know because of the options that I have to chose in delivery due to your web-site limitations? Thanks and best wishes.