Contacts list of whos who

This is a list of the contacts for all you new guys should you need any assistance , im posting this as its not too clear on the current site who is who

Committee Members


These are your go too guys should you have any problems or need advice on signing up

If you would like to organise an event or want extra info on an event then contact




Not sure if you admin guys would like to make this a sticky ?


Maybe adding positions and real names would help?

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There aren’t any real positions any more as decided at the AGM , im sure when its made a sticky it can be edited , not my job anymore lol

Craig :smile:

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I may of course be wrong but I was of the understanding that any democratically elected committee does in actual fact have to by law have a Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary


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There are positions of course, but I think Craig was stating that we do not have individual roles.

We wiill deciding by vote who will become the Acting Club Secretary this coming Wednesday at our monthly meeting.

Until then here are the positions required by law at the moment:

Chairman Neil Swindlehurst forum name NAS

Treasurer Simon Baker forum name 3000GT

Acting Secretary to be voted Wednesday



Yeah exactly as Stevie had said I would have cleared that up if my damn internet wasn’t broken :blush: obviously the main three roles are covered but now everyone else chips in with the rest