Contemplating selling all of my stuff

Potentially putting feelers out there - I am debating whether to sell everything I’ve got, brand new parts, custom parts , spares, engine, shell etc

Would come down to if I can get enough interest in it all to whether I actually sell

Just a couple of bits I’ve got to start it off
New Tein suspension
AP racing 6 pot brakes & discs
Titanium exhaust
New Custom 3" downpipe
New AEM infinity series 3 ecu
1 off new Advan racing wheels
Rust free shell (see project build)
New Injector dynamics 1050cc injectors
New injector dynamics fuel filter
19t hybrid turbos
New windscreen
Machined engine ready to be built
Greddy gauges

Hi Reece.
Would be interested in the exhaust parts and the engine.
Let me know if you decide to sell and what you are looking for price wise.


Hi Paul, will send you a message. Thanks

hi reece what color is windscreen?

I would buy the windscreen if richard3 decided not to

ill join the que for the windscreen please

Windscreen is grey I believe, its up on my shelving right at the top so can’t remember without getting a ladder lr checking through thousands of photos

If I get enough interest for it all I will be willing to sell up but only if I get enough interest

Interested in the tein suspension :+1:

Id potentially be interested in a few bits! Brakes, turbos, injectors etc. PM if you do decide


OK I will wait till you potentially sell it all before you sell it…i had posts deleted for doing this on Facebook pages

Anything still available?

Hi, it is all still there. Haven’t had enough serious interest to consider selling it all yet

Oh blimey Reece…
I have just seen your post. After all the work you’ve put into that car, all the painstaking detail (which would put my efforts to shame). I can’t believe it.
Obviously you have had to make the decision to “test the waters” for a reason.
Very good luck to you sir. I always enjoyed your posts in your quest to build a perfect car.
My very best wishes to you,


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Hi Mike,

I still do want to keep the car but if I had an offer which I couldn’t turn down then it would sway me, but that hasn’t been the case ! The build is just taking a lot longer than what I expected and feels like it isn’t getting anywhere at the moment

I’ve seen this happen many times over the years, including with ourselves and the Hulk, sometimes you just loose your mojo when things aren’t going well, or other commitments take over, we’ve found the best thing to do is take a step back from it and eventually, somehow the enthusiasm returns when you’ve recharged your batteries and at that point, you are so glad you didn’t sell, trust me :grin:.

Tracie :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


Honestly mate when i had my engine rebuild done took around 2 years i couldnt use the car… i got it done 5 years ago and daily driven it again even since. I felt the same and thought should i just sell up but trust me once its finished you will be happy you held out :+1:t2:

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I wish I only had the engine to rebuild, it would be done in a few weeks :rofl: but I know what you mean. I just need to start doing little bits and it’ll slowly come together rather than thinking I’ve got loads to do

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Do what I did @reece.cambridge, I made a list and went through it so it was in some sort of order, then made my way through the list, not giving a time frame because you’d always be under pressure. When the day comes, you will be bursting with pride. Trust me the feeling is indescribable.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Reece, know the feeling I haven’t done much on mine for a “while” - I am still stockpiling stuff and life has to go on which takes away time on things for the car

A little something that amused me may help

It is getting the motivation back that is a killer !

Hope one day we can all look back and say “it was totally worth it!”