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Hi everyone I’m new here I’m in the market to buy a new car and I’ve been thinking about buying a gto twin turbo for a long time now i currently own a track prepped fto mivec however I want something for road use

The car will just be for the weekends I am a little concerned about running costs\how easy it is to get parts etc and general knowledge as I’m not up to speed on these cars so any pointers or advice would be great

Hi, running costs are tough to pin down but certainly fuel efficient the GTO isn’t! Less than 20mpg with mixed driving is all you’ll get; mid 20’s at best on purely motorway cruising.

The rest of the cost (aside from insurance and the like) is maintenance (and tuning!). They’re often repairable with second hand parts for not much money, but of course there are things that are always best bought new. These are always expensive!

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to view these links but there’s a buyer’s guide here and a frequently asked questions thread here.


Welcome to GTOUK Adam, first read the buyers guide, like any other old car You can be lucky and find a good one or … a dog. Here is plenty of knowledge, info and data to keep it on the road, as for parts no bad lots are still available, I’ll say go for it ! :wink: Cheers


Welcome to GTOUK… don’t do it buy a Skoda :joy:
Seriously read the quide and think on, depends as always what you spend…
You pays your money you gets your prize :grin:

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You can get pretty much all of the parts still to maintain them, but they aren’t cheap.

Still, there aren’t many cars that look as badass as a gto for the same price :sunglasses:

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welcome to the club :slight_smile:
there lots of info , how to , parts etc floating around on this site for full members if you do get one and have a look at
hes got lots of bits so gives you the cost of some of the parts you might need if you get one that needs any work or some upgrades haha

Thanks for all the responses I’ve always loved these cars a real icon in my eyes ,I’ve just never had the courage to try one

I’ll do some research on the forum and have a look around to find out some general knowledge big concern is rust because of the age also owning a fto rust is my worst enemy !

How much should I be looking to spend on a well looked after example ? I like the 2nd gen they did so the one after the pop up headlights ,

I just want something I can cherish and maintain for a long time it’ll be a keeper that’s for sure

I’d say £7-8k would get you a nice one. Look for one that has either been garaged, or an imported one that has been imported reasonably recently (and then get undersealed)

I think for their age they don’t actually rust that badly, just the main areas which are boot floor (usually under the aerial), behind the sills and around the jacking points. The sunroofs always rust on the mk2’s too.

It’s probably the best time to buy one at the moment, as they are finally starting to gain classic car status.

Also check that it has been maintained properly, they don’t cope well with neglect


Welcome Adam

Check out one of our traders Evil Empire Performance. That is the best place to get new parts so will give you an idea of the cost of certain things.


Your best bet is to buy a car off an active member here if a car is available and appeals to you - this will keep the risk and the money/time you have to spend working on it as low as possible.

I would personally avoid virtually anything on ebay/gumtree unless it’s a car from this club.

Lastly you shouldn’t worry about the running costs, you should EXPECT higher running costs - the question is will you enjoy the car enough to pay to play. :+1: