Craig (CDMH), Dave (davet25), Simon (3000gt)

Thank all you guys.

You all played a part in my getting those lovely door sills. Such a great community spirit, make me feel proud to be a part of it.


No problem Steven , Dave and simon did the bulk of the travelling, glad your happy with them 8)

Coincidentally my truck has them front and back so im still happy and you can see it was the same people that made them by the trim finishers

Craig :slight_smile:

What door sills? are there still some nice metal ones floating around :stuck_out_tongue:

No prob’s Steve…glad to of helped, plus meeting Simon at the pub the next day of which will poss have a sunday meet there in near future

Am having some sills made not the same as Craig’s will put piccy’s up when fitted, which will be when get back from Toulouse at weekend.