CV boot availability in UK

Hello folks.
I’m having a real problem trying to find a supplier for a passenger side inner Trilobal CV boot for my 1994 n/a FWD 3000gt,
Iv been told by Mitsubishi dealer that mitsubishi don’t make them anymore and don’t offer a substitute, how ridiculous is that
Anyway any pointers to a supplier gratefully appreciated.

Not a problem for us

Please PM me your Chassis number and i should have one and if not i definitely can get one for you

Or call me tomorrow on 01702-614469 and tell me the number over the phone

Cheers Rob

PM’d you Rob

Lol rob to the rescue again! :slight_smile:

Hello Rob, did you get my PM with my chassis number for the tripod CV boot that I need?

Yes i have and i am on it for you already

Cheers Rob

I have sourced the part for you

Please call me on


Cheers Rob