CX Front Mount Intercooler Kit For Sale [SOLD]

I am selling my CX Racing Front Mount Intercooler Kit as i building a hybrid one for my self from a new CX kit

Comes with all clamps and joiners as per a new one would

£400 delivered

PM me if you fancy this of call me 01702-614469 9am to 6pm mon-fri

Cheers Rob

I bet this will go nice with the turbo’s :slight_smile:

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It does and you guys have no idea how quick these cars can get when set up with a MAFT Pro too


Reduced to £350 as its near Christmas and it will need a polish !!

That is a bargain as iut will have a new Top Pipe to the Throttle Body

But can be made available with a Red Tail Dump Valve and Maft Pro Air Temp Sensor Bung in the original pipe

Talk to me if your interested

Cheers rob

Very good value that Rob, if i was going to go down the front mount route i would have it. Any word on your twin side mount set up? Are you still planning on doing one?

I have pictures of prototypes that look wickedly big

Production ones will be ready in January !!

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Look forward to seeing some pics. Let me know if you need a test car :wink:

I’d have it off you as my GReddy one is waaay too big and won’t fit anymore. Not sure I have room for a CX one either so I might have to go for side mount. Not entirely sure yet.

Hi Rob
Did you sell it?

Sorry The Intercooler is sold

Cheers Rob