Damage to the car

Hi Guys bad news today, car was hit by Iceland delivery van while it was parked on a road . Credit to the driver he found me and told me , I’ve contacted their department and give all the details and I’m waiting for them to contact me and tell me when will come out to assess the damage ( No agreed value on the car ) . Any advise will be much appreciated ! Cheers

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Ouch not good man :pensive:


God damn sorry to see that mate

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Sorry to see that spiros.

Just to let you know if you are using the amber indicators I know a guy near me who is selling some and other Mk1 stuff.


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Sickening, as bad as it is at least the guy hung around. Theres a couple advertised breaking over this side if you’re stuck.

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For the repair- get a price off your local spray shop and a price on replacing the panels yourself from a breaking car, unfortunately insurance may want to write it off for so little damage! See what the Iceland rep is willing to do regarding paying for either way and if they can pay without forcing the insurance route - I’ve seen 350z’s written off for bumper only damage in the past few months

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*Sorry to hear this @spiros, lets hope this doesn’t turn into a head ache and gets sorted swiftly.



Sorry to see Spiros, after the work you put into the car.
Looks like a new wing required plus fitting paint etc.
Hope the insurances don,t try to fob you off with low value/uneconomic repair etc.
Maybe get some comparatives ready with cars with similar work done to yours to present true value of your car. Hope they are understanding and its not a battle. Think Graham had an offside black wing.
Good luck mate.

Sorry to see Spiro for me if you don’t have an agreed value be careful as it’s most definitely be a right off due to not being economical to fix.
See if you can sort it privately if possible.

Sorry to see this mate.
Hope you get sorted quickly

Man you never have any luck bud

Sorry to see the old girl damaged just as you got it the way you wanted it to look

Be careful everyone as now the wings are obsolete and no longer available

Feel for you Spiros, beautiful car, so sad.

Hope you can get things sorted would be a dying shame for her to be written off.


Sad to see @spiros, hopefully you can work it out, best of luck fella.

Terry :sunglasses:

The Damage !

Cars parked on both sides of the street , a car is waiting to come out on the main road and turn Right , the van tried to squeeze by btw my car and the other car and turn Left !

Good news after all , the other party authorized repairs did not write off the old Lady , and btw last Friday I’ve received my like for like hire car ( not courtesy car ) from my claim handler , Jaguar XE 2.0 d (180 ) R Sport automatic Saloon and of course it’s Blue ! :grin:


That’s awesome mate! Glad it’s getting sorted


You jammy sod, well done buddy



Sorry to see this @spiros good luck with the repairs, you have always had s great passion for UK and the Gto :+1:


The old Lady recovered well and back Home !

Sad sight :disappointed_relieved:

Looking sexy :heart_eyes:


Congrats Spiros :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: