Damsel in Distress

Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section - but I am appealing for help. Having now owned by second GTO for 5 years I was upset to have a failed MOT. I have been told that my front indicator light (the lens which is orange in colour) should now be white. The indicator and parking light is one in the same bulb and should be two. I do not know where I can get this replaced and without it, my pride and joy, will end up in the car graveyard. The GTO is a 1995 auto. Evil Empire are trying to locate one but I only have a couple of weeks before my MOT will not be valid. Can anyone help me please?

Alternately and its a bit naughty but is there a pair you can borrow to get you through the MOT then switch it back until your sorted

Anything lying around guys ?

Have you tried the breakers or Amber Performance

Craig :smile:

I have to admit to never having used Amber Performance before. Evil Empire have always been able to help (they may still get back to me). I am just trying to find an alternative supplier if they come up blank. I will give Amber a ring tomorrow - thank you

Normal channels i will always recommend our own Traders on the site first and foremost Evil Empire would have been mentioned but you are already using this avenue . Try also Grahams autoworld he may have a breaker in he is another of our traders


Craig :smile:

I will be on the phone to them tomorrow and will let you know how I get on. Thanks Craig

The problem you are having is the JDM MK2’s have side lights built into the front indicators. The issue is the side lights are then amber instead of white. You DONT need clear indicator lenses, you need white side lights fitted.

You can remove the indicator and snip the side light wire off the back of the bulb holder and then retro fit some white side lights on the front.

A pair of these in the front bumper intakes work just fine, thats what i did on my auto.

Where abouts are you? if you are within a sensible distance to me I could fit a set of these running lights for you as I have a couple of sets in my workshop left over from Trike builds…
Its easy enough to re-route the wiring from your old lights down to these & this way it saves you having to change lenses & mess around…
It wont cost you anything for me to do this.
I am located in Amesbury Wiltshire.

I have spoken with Razel and advised on how to best solve their problem.

What i cannot believe is that you cannot buy any of the bulb holders for our cars from Mitsubishi without having to buy the complete lamp too… How stupid is that…

This is an age old problem where the GTO has the indicators and sidelights combined and they need to be split for UK MOT laws so the sidelights are separate from the indicators.

And this is the 3000GT i was talking about Ray i found some PIcs… lol

oooooo that’s nice…
Lucky for me I have the MK 1 so don’t have this problem but its easy enough to make a plate to hold 2 separate bulbs inside the side/indicator light & have an orange ind bulb if u have white lenses.
I tend to make a lot of light fittings from scratch for Trike & Custom Bike builds so might make up a set just to see how easy it is…Will knock something up over the next week but will have to use the MK1 indicator as a guide sort of as don’t have a MK2 one to use.


I am in Leicestershire - so not sure I would be able to take up your kind offer. The MOT actually failed on two counts - first was the fact that the lens was orange and not clear. Secondly, the fact that there is only one bulb instead of 2. Evil Empire had great expertise and tried their utmost to help. Unfortunately, the parts just don’t seem to be out there and, unlike some very talented guys on here, neither I or my partner are capable enough to make anything work. Thanks to everyone.

im just north of Coventry, and think ive got a pair of clear in my garage. I will have a look tomorrow for you.


That would be very much appreciated - thank you

Are these any good for you ?

I don’t think they are the same shape. If they did fit, I would still have the issue with there only being one bulb. Maybe you could advise me on this. Thank you

Right mines a uk car.
Orange lights are indicators
Little lights underneath and just forward are sidelights.
Under my sidelights there is a vent.
Fit clear lights in the vent… Run second wires to these… Indicators and sidelights sperate

I fitted DRLs in one of my vents on aftermarket skirt.
It’s really easy :slight_smile:

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Those lenses owlsurfer offered you do fit they are aftermarket clear.
There is no aftermarket kit that has 2 bulb holders so unless you drill one and glue a holder in to these. Then use clear and yellow bulbs… Or use a separate light in the vent (or find a UK front bumper with the lights fitted) you will need to do some fabrication. There is no direct swap option I know of

Just ordered a set of DLRs - A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has come to my rescue.

If you need any help fitting im just on your border M6 J2

I am hoping that I now have it sorted - but will be in touch if it goes pear shaped. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Hi Owlsurfer

Well, all is still not well. The quick fix turned out not to be so. It would appear that this has to be rewired right back to the dashboard. Is this something you would be able to help with, if so, I would very much appreciate it?