Dan Wheldon RIP

This brings a tear to my eyes every time I see it, he had no chance.

This video, taken from a AmericanTV program, it may be too upsetting for some people to watch



There but for the grace of God go i. RIP Dan Wheldon.

Its a wake up call for anyone involved in motorsport. When the industry sits with our laptops and tools making cars which generate massive forces we often view safety devices as ‘things we have to have’ because of the rules. Its a stark reminder of what can happen and why those rules are there.

My thoughts are with his family and friends.


A sad day for the motor sports world. :cry:

A very sad loss indeed :frowning: We meet him several times in the States at various Indycar races, and he always had time for his fans with a broad smile.
I was talking to him at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year and he was as personable as always and looking forward to restarting his Indycar career.