Dash cluster back lights

I have few twist lock sockets missing (check engine, etc), plus few of them don’t work.
Can you help me please, where can I buy new ones and what size do I need?

Call Rob 01702-614469

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Hi Rob,
Yeah, I found those just I didn’t know that what colour it is, because I don’t have sport /touch switch in my GTO.

Thank you!

Sorry, I was mistaken (and sleepy)
I have 3 missing T5 bulbs and few T3 don’t work.

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Kende get a tour here or turn your phone one on.
Put it on each hole and look at the front of display.
I’m sure most of them are clear lights as colour is on cluster.
If you do the light thing you can at least see what each light is for, ie handbrake.
Should be easier to work out from there.

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