Dash Lights - A/T Temp Light


Hi all,
Appologies if this is in the wrong section. I’ve been tinkering with my GTO and suddenly the AC/Temp light comes on and stays on. any ideas as to what’s causing this?



I’d recommend becoming a full member bud.

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Hope that helps.



Would help here bud if you explained what you have done so we could have an educated guess rather than dream up something :wink: That sounds really sharp when I read it back, a quick explanation :joy::joy:

Welcome by the way, put some pics up of your car and give us a brief history of ownership and where you are from, roughly, don’t need the exact location.

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Terry,
Not done anything in terms of mechanics or electronics other than install a satnav head unti.
The light just decided to come on after I got back from from uni a couple of week later.


Hi, planning to become a full member, just waiting for payday. I know it’s £20 but I’m a student working partime but will join next month.