Dashboard Demister Vents

Ey up Rob my son have you got any in stock 8)

The whippet fiddler


Of course mate…

Give me a call


Cheers Rob

Eyup Rob how ya doing with the vent order? Mrs whippet fiddler is giving me some right grief about the dash still been on the kitchen table. :cry:.

Mr whippet fiddler :wink:

Call me or threaten to feed her to the Pigeons…

These should be with me next week.

Shandy Swiller

How’s the slow boat from japan doing Rob? Don’T fancy another weekend eating mi Yorkshire pud around the dash… And yet more grief from Mrs flat cap :cry:

Mr Flat cap :wink:

I sent them via that duff pigeon you sold me the other week…It’s cap must have fallen over it’s eye’s and caused it to get lost.

However there may n be some more in next week if he has got lost… :smiley:

Still no flapping wings Rob my son… :frowning:

The pigeon watcher :wink: