Day 1

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well…

happy to have just signed up to the club. Inherited the 3000GT from my dad a couple of years back who had it The last 20 years.
Love the 3000GT and GTO and looking forward to learn more about them. Not seen many on the road down in West Berkshire area.


Hi @RichBatt ,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1: and you have done the first thing on our list - show us your car! :joy:

As you can see the club is active and welcomes new members- if you want to meet any of us do come along to the AGM - (see post threads etc…).

Where about in west Berkshire- I’m over in Wiltshire.


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Many thanks James, I’m located in the sleepy village of Chieveley. Just across the county border :blush:. AGM sounds interesting.

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Take a look in the events - future events section and you will see the AGM thread for 23rd April.

We also do car meets throughout the year etc…


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Welcome to GTOUK Rich car is looking good !

Rich, a very warm welcome to the GTOUK fraternity. Lovely looking car fella, well done. Looks like your dad kept up to speed with the maintenance. Was he a member on here? Some of us (dinosaurs) might have heard of him possibly.
Enjoy the car, take your time looking after it, and we’re all here to offer any help if you need it.


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Hi and welcome - I’m jealous of your massive garage!

Looks can be deceiving… plenty of work required with the engine, bodywork and some internal work… it’ll be worth it in the end.

Alastair, don’t be… the garage has gone and is now a building plot… was gutted as it was a great workshop. I’ll have a new garage built which will house the 3000gt if anything to keep it from rusting and help it last a bit longer :joy:

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Oh no! Yes, get it in out of the rain!

Welcome to Gtouk, nice looking motor👍