Dead battery I think

Hi all,

Got an issue I went to go out in my Gto today but it wouldn’t unlock so I thought the key fob needed re syncing, but that didn’t work.

I then unlocked the car with the key and the central locking didn’t work so I assum that the battery is dead?

Does anyone know what battery I will need for a 1993 jdm na Gto and where I can get one.

Or will a new battery not solve the problem?


If you havn’t driven it much or far recently the battery might just need charging up. If this is not the case, get the battery checked and replace if knackered. check the terminals and clamps are clean and tight.

Also, as @3000gt will testify sometimes even good batteries stop after a few days, I know mine does. Am in the process of putting an ampclamp on the positive lead to see where the draw is.

Terry :sunglasses:

@Rob_gtott and @just_cool

Thanks for your comments guys.

I’m gonna get a new battery tomorrow and see if I can get it sorted. Just so I know what I’m dealing with when I manually unlock the car and open the door to pop the bonnet the alarm will go off (I am pretty sure of this) is there any way I can shut it up ?


Also when the car is running, check the battery voltage with a mutlimeter, 14 volts means the alternator is charging the battery. In the past with my cars, a failing alternator fits the description of your problems in my experience.

Can anyone recommend a decent battery to fit my jdm 1993 Gto?

I’d would speak to @GSXRKID.

Also if you have a cat 1 alarm fitted these can drain a battery in two weeks if it’s not driven. Happened to me before many times.

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You can’t beat this price delivered for a varta e24 blue came next day ordered same as one I’ve just took off, don’t line the pockets of mitsubishi etc there are loads of batteries to choose from.

That’s about what I paid for mine from eurocar parts I think.
Although it died pretty quick. I keep mine on a trickle charge now…

Yes I think I need to do this as @stevie was saying plus the more I do the more I want it to stay clean so the less I drive it which wasn’t my original plan but the bug has got its grip.:angry:

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I’m using the same battery for 2 years now , no problems.

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I just went with it again as have always used varta ones never let me down plus I literally just covered the battery in red perspex the size of the e24 and it went lol

Tanya on Ebay sell the 069 battery for £47, free next day delivery if ordered by 4pm and a 4 year warranty. All my cars now have these batteries and I have never had a problem. Brand name of battery is powerline.