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Afternoon all,

Had a chat with a friend of mine who is soon to be the aftersales manager at Duxford Mitsubishi and it got me thinking. Do Mitsubishi UK dealers still support our cars for servicing and repairs? My mk2 is in need of an overhaul (60k service + a few repairs) and im wondering if its worth sending in to him?

I know that there is a massive parts back order issue at the moment on their current line up but not too sure how they would treat an almost 30 year old import.

Long time no see nonamecc79 not seen your post from when you came out in my red 99Mk4 at the Essex meet many years ago, You need to come in it my new 3000GT its massively quicker than the old one you went out in lol

A Mitsubishi dealer is the last place i would take my cars to as they have probably never worked on one in the last 20 years.

These cars seem to fill mechanics with fear and most wont work on them. They are not specialist cars but do need some idea on what they are doing as some of the tasks are tricky.

Most Mitsubishi dealers don’t have the service manuals any longer or the experienced Technicians to work on them these days as the ones who did, have probably now since retired.

There massive back order issue is because they no longer make parts for our cars any longer !!

Evening, yes it has been a while but I still remember exactly how your car felt. The cheap gto is gone and been replaced by a minter (by comparison)

I only ask this question because i know some of the staff there and the manager going in would sort me out a good rate on labour. And i’ll come out with a Mitsubishi invoice.

I’ve already got a basket full of items on your webpage waiting to check out :rofl: Just waiting to find somewhere that will take on the job. I remember you telling me of somewhere close to your neck of the woods but cant remember what it was called.

But it does also raise the question for those who bought a new 3000gt and have continued to service it with their main dealer. I’d be pretty annoyed if i spent that sort of money on a car back in the day and now couldnt service it.

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