Defi Super Sports Cluster and HUD

Well, never thought the day would come but here we go

Want to be the envy of all your JDM friends? Want something so rare it was only released in Japan and could only be fitted by Defi? Want a 100% brand new and unused uber dash?

You’ve come to the right ad then

Here we have possibly the only BRAND NEW Defi Super Sports Cluster in the world (there were only 400 to begin with)

This really is an icon of engineering and something to be hold - from the super quick Defi spec stepper motors to the classic design with an OLED display showing all the inputs you could need. There is only a Japanese manual for this, and lucky you, i’ve translated most of it to English and made my own manual :slight_smile:

I’ve had this for ~6 years now and its still in the original Defi box, i have only purchased an additional brand new Defi EGT sensor that goes with this, which funny enough, has also sat in the box since then

I can’t stress how rare this thing is

Additionally i have also managed to secure the not quite as rare, but still rare Defi VSD-X Heads up display for that ultimate cool factor. This however is not brand new but still in excellent condition.

How much for all this classic, collectable, rare and super cool looking Display you may ask ?

A measly £3,000.

Contact me for any details - this really is a genuine one off to buy - and lucky you, its here first. Not on other sites (yet)



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These were only available from a few dealers selected in Japan and I cannot emphasized how rare these dashes are out side of Japan

And with the HUD you don’t need to watch the dashboard as its displayed on the window screen in front of you which super cool

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This is the dash - the backlight isn’t on as i didn’t power it up fully

I had to shoot the needles in slo-mo to catch them moving - its crazy!


Took a while but this is now sold! Residing stateside and probably going in a 200sx!