Desperately seeking MK 2 number plate holder

I am going through my 1998 3000gt and refurbing what needs refurbing but the rear number plate holder/frame/support is to badly corroded to save. I have a new bumper support on the way from Evel, but I am struggling to find one of these. Any one out there have one for sale? Any help greatly appreciated.

When I am up my unit I will have a look at the condition of the one I’ve got. Won’t be until the weekend though if that’s alright ?

Hi Reece. Thanks for the quick response. That’s absolutely fine and I will keep my finger crossed it’s better than mine.

yep mines almost rusted apart…think i will have to make one.

Finally got around to sorting the number plate support. Had it sandblasted then acid etch. Steel plate pop riveted with Tiger Seal panel weld in between. Two brush coats of Hammerite. Not as nice finish as rattle can but I wanted the thickness, and went with pop rivet as it was something I could do and the panel seal in between seals void between the plate and support completely. A better bumper support supplied by another member which went through the same treatment.
The car is very good stock condition but I have spent some time rubbing all the lower back end and arches back to bare metal where needed, then covered in acid etch, two silver coats and a clear coat. Then to hide all the nicely finished work, over sprayed with black underseal. Had it all back together after quite a while yesterday and took it in search of sweeping bends and roundabouts. It didn’t disappoint.