Devon car show 26th July @ Smeatharpe stadium nr Honiton

This is not i one make show all are welcome.
Here are some of the JAP clubs that attended in 2008

1. Mitsubishi Lancer register
3. Southwest scoobies
4. Dorset Scoobies
5. Somerset Jap club
6. Supra owners club
9. 300ZX ■■
10. Skyline owners club

so yes you get the cruise attending in 08 out of 47 clubs atteding 36 were owners clubs

Entry £5 per person
If club stand booked before 3rd March recieve 10 x passenger wristabands free saving you £50

I remember this one and wont be going again. Its was nothing less than a ■■■■ show last year and with my 11yr old lad was not one you would ever want to take kids too. Having a stage where topless girls took of the clothes of blokes and whipped their arse till red and covered them in cream / champagne is not a car show.

Dont get me wrong all for it in the right environment and would be there in an instant with mates but dont class it as a family car show.

Just my thoughts but why not just rent out a club and get some strippers there instead !!!

ill have a ticket :slight_smile: