Dipping my toe into gto ownership

Hiya all after having had the gtos baby brothers for a few years I’m looking at getting an na gto and wonder what I should be looking at paying for one.

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Tbh I wouldn’t have a clue what you should pay for one really (and I wouldn’t profess to know otherwise). Depends what you are after it for, daily driver, project, toy etc…

I would recommend reading the buyers guide on here tho if you haven’t already because it will tell you what you typically need to look out for. Especially as a lot of the adverts can be quite misleading.



Welcome to GTOUK. The na can go from anything from £750 - £4000 (the 4000 would be one of the latest cleanest cars you could get). I would be looking to spend £1000-2000 for a very clean example. Dont be afraid to haggle on price for these cars. You need to work out which one you want mk1-4 etc.


Hi I’m guessing this is Stewart? Nice to see you made it here :slight_smile:

Hiya mate. Yup it’s me. Decided after chatting to you to take the plunge. I’ve been looking at na but a friend sent me a link to a tt for 2k in Oxfordshire so I’m a bit torn now. Lol.

These cars are heavy you’ll 100% want the TT if you test drive them both! :slight_smile: has the TT got an advert you can pop up here?

As Bex says, do the homework if you can and read up on The Buyers Guide - on this Forum - to give you a head start. That guide was written by a hugely knowledgeable fella quite a while ago, and is very well written and massively informative.
In a nutshell, the TT is very quick, however the NA will not be too far behind it, but once you’ve experienced the acceleration of the TT I would expect that you will focus on the TT more. I am an NA owner, and have been for 10 years. I have driven all versions, including some modded to churn out over 500 bhp.
From my experience, you will find it quite difficult to secure a decent TT, i.e. one that has not undergone a whole range of modifications - some well done and others not quite so, and I think you’ll be spending a decent sum to get things running as they should be, so watch out for this and try to gain a history of the car and mods done to it if you can.
The NA, by virtue of its much simpler engine set up, is far less complex, but it will still put a smile on your face when you floor it. It feels like it has longer legs between gears - no turbos to suddenly whisk you to 6000 rpm before you know it. It also is way less prone to engine failure, but that’s from my own experience. NAs come in auto and manual shift. The auto can be problemmatic, so if you happen upon an auto, ensure it works perfectly well. Auto boxes require a bit more care, and tend to overheat if not maintained properly. An upgrade to a more efficient auto box oil cooling system is highly advisable.
Good luck with your search. There are plenty of owners on here who will gladly offer help if you need it.


Welcome mate just to say I’ve had both auto na and now tt auto was ok but like they say the tt puts a massive grin on your face even from stock can be a beast. I loved my na auto but kept it in 2nd a lot to get more umf ended up selling it as started banging into reverse (told them of course) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: just be carful ask away before you buy although I know jack s##t compared to most on here.

Anyone know this one?

Hi its prob my ad the guys all know me on here and the Car just say its Dani’s Dad and they will know
I am not happy selling her but am getting married I need the money I refer to the Ad in Oxfordshire

Blue one looks good but no mention of cambelt service etc get proof

The blue ones says Nottinghamshire but I saw a red one in Oxfordshire but neither mentioned the cam belt or waterpump.

The red one has a bit of history in the club originally it was Smudges he then sold it to @Longpig who then sold it on to @ukraine32

God i reckon ive been here too long :laughing:

Craig :smile:

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@cdmh I can confirm this with a lovely picture showing how frequently you are participating in discussions:

I think it’s only 51 days until the 11th year anniversary of your first post on the forum.


The Red one in oxfordshire has had recent 50,000 mile service belts pump brakes new HID lights and more


So what’s the best price in the red one Ukraine? I’m a little limited in how high I can go as I have to sell my fto and only have a limited amount of free cash until I sell it and can’t sell it until I get the gto.

OK. The guy selling the blue one will take 1500 which I have in cash but do I see if Ukraine will give me a week or so to see if I can scrape another couple of hundred for his. Thoughts guys?

Blue one looks ok , all depends what you are after , if i was going for a daily i think i would have an N/A manual but i used to have a TT and even now i still miss the acceleration , best thing is to try and drive both models

Craig :smile: