Direct line, im 24

just had an insurance quote from direct line car insurance for £758, im 24 with 6 years no claims, how does this sound?? please help people

[quote]just had an insurance quote from direct line car insurance for £758, im 24 with 6 years no claims, how does this sound?? please help people

To good to be true… Is that for third party only cover. :slight_smile:


That sounds pretty damn good. I’m 25 and paying £1200 a year.

Is the car an import? Is it fully comp? Do you have a number for them as mine’s up for renewal soon.


yes i forgot to put, i dont have the car yet but my car will be a twin turbo, 1992 that £758 includes a 10% discount for buying online. the quote is for fully comp unlimited milleage
that is what i have had the quote on (unmodified) no additional drivers £500 excess
my ford probe i own now came out at £420, and on my current company (peougeot insurance) im paying £838!!!

I don’t suppose you have the link to the website do you?

try that guys post a reply let me know see if it saves you a lot of money to!!

Thanks krang,

£925 fully comp.
4 yrs protected NCD
Garaged with tracking device
No accidents or convictions
Hire car and legal cover
£200 excess
8000 miles entered

Entered the same into Tesco (as they haven’t sent my renewal yet) and got a quote of £1150. Needless to say if my renewal comes through like that then they’ll be getting the 2 finger salute!

All these prices are without mods though, and I’ll be declaring everything and ringing every company in a weeks time for a full set of quotes.


Now im stressed the best they can do me is £971.25 and im 27 and thats removing hire car and legal protection but fully comp oh well its cheaper than tescos looks like its time for a switch


im insured with insurance corporation

im 25

1 conviction

4 years n/c

insured as an import and mods,
£540 fully comp but with 1k ex, and can drive any othere car. :smiley:

[quote]Thanks krang,

All these prices are without mods though, and I’ll be declaring everything and ringing every company in a weeks time for a full set of quotes.


Steve, be a good lad and record the calls you make when you mention the gas. :lol:

“Certainly sir, I just need to pass you to my specialist colleague Tony, we just call him Tone though.”


I dunno how you done it i’m well up over a grand with direct line without mods… I’ll stick to my current policy.


me being on “old git” as homer says :twisted: can get it for 675 with osbournes… being the grand old age of 34 can get it a little cheaper than others :roll:

Check out the following quote from Osbornes :smiley:

I’m 38 with full NCB and no convictions, this is fully Comp with a £350.00 Excess

With these modifications, the premium would increase to £530.

The list of modifications:-

Aftermarket Exhaust
K+N Air filter Replacement
Boost Controller
Atmospheric Dump Valve
Uprated Brake Disks and Pads
I would expect the BHP figure to be 340 ish
Some of these Mods are not in place at the moment, but during the life of the Insurance they would be put on.
The car has a Cat 1 Alarm and Immobiliser, I can provide a certificate.

Sweet result hey… age does have its benefits!

Direct line came up with the best quote for me too (online that is - until I start haggling with my existing insurers)

26yr old, 5 yrs NCB, 0 convictions 0 accidents in last 3 years, garaged, 16000miles p/a, fully comp, £450 total excess (200-250 voluntary)

Standard car of course.

Direct Line - £805
Privelege - £820
Tesco - £915
Elephant - £1100
Churchill - 30yrs + for this car (w*nkers)

Those prices did indeed increase by about £100-£200 if I changed the car to a GTO import. A simple change of postcode from Sheffield 1 to Sheffield 80 (worksop) where I used to live resulted in a drop of about £200 on each quote - bugger.

I’m going to ring round a few ‘specialist’ insurers on Monday, see what they can do if I added any mods to my car. Looks like Direct line though unless I can negotiate with Tesco.


Read the small print when it come to Direct line as I was with them for 8 year on different cars but 3 years with the GTO and the Quote was stupid this time and you WILL have to have a tracker fitted to the car.
I have changed to Frizzel this year after the accident as they just don’t want to know about sorting your car out ( I had to tell the Insurance Guy what the Market value was on the car as he did not have a clue about value ).
Only Took 5 months to get the car back
I personaly would not touch Direct line with a barge pole having dealt with them during an accident - ( Waste of time )

Aaaah, I remember your escapades with Direct Line. Thanks for reminding me Martyn, I’ll give some more places a shout - I think at least one of them should be willing to match Direct Lines’s quote - possibly even my own.

Possibly a good thing with Direct Line is that if I do choose to go with them I can hassle them in person day by day as their call centre is literally opposite my workplace - which happens to be a solicitors firm.

I think Trackers are only needed for imports, for some reason UK cars only seem to attract a Cat 1.


m 18 and am paying 3,500 a year for insurance on my gto lol probly cuza my age but if any of you know any cheaper insurer thtl b gr8 :wink:

hi guys
was all set to renew my insuance with as they came out to £464. for the i have been of work for six weeks with a bad back i have sat down on the net and done quote after quote and have got it down to £350.00 with admiral.think thats a good price for being (young) middle age.

Watch Direct Line with their excess policies.

I got a very cheap quote with them (not on a GTO) only to find they wanted a £250 compulsory excess in case of an accident on top of the £150 voluntary.

I’m assuming the turbos push the price up quite a bit. My N/A’s insured through A-Plan Imports for £725 fully comp!

I’m 25, 5yrs no claims, £250 excess, 10000 miles a year, parked on driveway.

I had quotes from quite a few places before going with A-Plan, funniest one was from The AA; £1750!!! :lol: