Do the gto's have a standard loom in every car

Following an unsuccessful venture with my first gto and major engine problems it was easier to cut my losses and start again. I have just bought a mk 2 gto 1995. I was wondering if anyone knows if the wiring loom fitted is standard across all cars and models? I had cruise control in my mk 1 but not in the mk2, is it a simple as fitting the switch to the mk2 from the mk1 so that it has cruise control? Or am I trying to achieve something that won’t work?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Simple answer is no, although I believe it’s more complicated than mk1 & mk2 looms being different.


Every version and year of the car has its own Harness as Steve states for various reasons

Cruise control looks at everything from the Throttle Position Sensor to the brake and clutch pedals, its not something you are going to fit easily.

You may also find that they are holes missing for parts to be secured too on the body as well.

However if you are really determined to do this you will need to find a car that has Cruise Control the same year as yours and swap the entire engine and Chassis looms over and that’s is a massive job to do

Cheers Rob

Thanks for your help. Seems a little more haste that it’s worth. Suppose now I should start breaking and selling parts from the mk1 to gain some cash to put into the mk2