Do you know

The club, has a large amount of club equipment, such as gazebos, tables and BBQ’s that full members can borrow for club event ?

We also own a club Trailer for transporting this


Deary me, didn’t know we had a trailer!

Could post some banners etc over to me Simon and I’ll have my own 1 man meet :lol: :lol:

It’s a pity that our Club doesn’t do the same thing with tool hire. There are one or two nice pieces that are unique to these cars only, but we either have to make them up ourselves or beg/borrow. Some try and perform a job without any specialist tools, or at best improvise to a point where it just might be dangerous.
Some sort of tool hire facility would be nice, and could extend the length and breadth of the UK by our very successful in house “postal” sorties that have been operating fairly recently.