What a gem, came up with timing tools in kit bag

Checked all my work

Then timed the Cams in great job

Top man

Will get you a pint or three at the next bash :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Awesome just what the clubs about!!

I really should open my thank out now to reach other members of this fantastic club

Thank you all, for all your help and assistance

Thanks mate, I don’t deserve it. It was a pleasure. Pity I missed the plenum cover was missing… :oops:

The photos of the complete engine out of the car make the job so much easier, plus all the hard work was done. I just drank the tea and ate the pizza… :smiley:

JAE is on during my (21st) birthday, so I can’t be sure I can make it up there, but if I do, we’ll catch up.

Cheers fella,