Does anyone know this car? GTO

I have seen this car for sale on AutoTrader:

It seems very cheap for the year/mileage. Any help would be appreciated.


It expensive for a Automatic GTO NON Turbo


Oh you think it is overpriced? The search continues!

Hi Alex, I personally wouldn’t buy an automatic but if the car is mechanically perfect and ready to be enjoyed, it’s hard to say if it’s over priced. Yes you will probably get one for half that price but how many hours and K’s will it need to be up to the standard you want.
Have a look at the car if its anywhere near you but if you are on the hunt for one of these I’d recommend a manual.
Good cars are getting scarce and so are parts to fix up the bad ones. Best of luck with the search.

What is the automatic gearbox like? I used to have an auto Supra and it was alright.

If your going to buy one buy a TT more bang for your buck