Doncaster Newbie

(Mick Webb) #1

Hey Everyone,

New member from Doncaster. Just got a 1992 n/a GTO and loving it. Hopefully move up to the twin turbo in a few years, but this was in too good condition not to have. Only 61k on it too!

Will post some better pics when I get chance. Some work to be done on it, it’s 26 years old after all, but not a spot of rust. Engine still seems sound.

Hope to be an active member, look forward to chatting and hopefully see some of you at events.


(CDMH) #2

Hi and welcome to GTOUK , nice looking motor

(Urban) #3

Welcome mate

(Tracy Parkin) #4

Hi Mick and Welcome,

Not too far from us, we are in Sheffield.


(Jensen Richardson) #5

HI Mick
Welcome to GTOUK

(James Jones) #6

Hi Mick,

Welcome to the club. The more the merrier when it comes to meets etc… and we have a good calendar of events. Nice looking car - do like red with black wheels.


(Jerry Gauci) #7

Hi and welcome mate.
Jerry :grinning:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #8

Welcome Mick , this is a very active Club and Forum lots of techn. info here, hope You subscribe for full Membership soon !

(Charlotte Pash) #9

Hi Mick!
Car looks awesome :grin:

(Steve Parkin) #10

Welcome to GTOUK buddy

As @Tracie says were are not to far away

Nice looking motor


(Terry Wilkes) #11

Welcome to the forum Mick, nice car and as the others have said, come to meets and see us, get to know what a weird bunch we all are :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Dave Soper) #12

Welcome to the group good looking car and I’ve said in the past great colour biased lol
Hope to see around at some local meets as I’m in Selby .
Hull motor show this Sunday is my next one.

(Mick Webb) #13

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Good to know there are some local members.

Looking forward to getting to some events, and hopefully being an active member of the club :grin:

(Steve Fletcher) #14

Get signed up buddy im just up road at lincoln and you cant get much better than joining this club for info and friendlyness

(blackGT ) #15

Looks a tidy thing