Door Glass Refurb Service

Was made aware there was possibly a way to refurb our scratched door glass.

Now i will be honest i thought this might possibly be ok on the minor scratches you see, but some deeper scratches and some of the bad glass i was sure wouldn’t be possible.
We have a project car we are sourcing parts, refurbing services, and making parts for.
This was done for the car, and if worked we would offer to you guys.
With that in mind we decided we would need to know what was possible, so picked out the worst glass in our spare parts.
This is what we handed over

At this point i realised it was likely we had not only wasted a load of money but also have nothing to offer out and new shiney glass for the car with scratches in it.
Should have used a better spare set. :cry:

When we returned to collect the Glass it was a shock.
This is the refurbed glass.

Its like new.
Im still amazed at how good it is.

We are only offering this here to members for now.
Your glass would need to be delivered to us in Kempston or Huntingdon
The turn around time is up to 2 weeks.
When ready you would have to collect or organise your own courier and we would re package in the same packaging the glass was sent in.

We could possibly collect and deliver from/to you and guarantee the safe transportation of your glass at a reasonable rate.

Usual price £275 to have both sides refurbed

Order before lockdown (12:00 midnight Wednesday 4th November 2020) @ discounted price of
£225 per set
(driver + passenger door glass)
The usual % will be passed on to the club from club sales.
An additional payment from every set refurbed will be passed to the club on behalf of the gtouk member who pointed this possibility out.

if interested or have any questions let me know.


Excellent !!!

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Fantastic transformation :+1::sunglasses:

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Nice stuff

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Unbelievable transformation @jensen360, congrats at putting yourself out there to help the rest of the club and at £2.25 per set is nothing short of amazing.

Terry :thinking::sunglasses:


You made me look :sweat_smile:



That had ya!

Terry :sunglasses:


Hey that’s nice to no you can get them done.

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