Door trim

how much is your door trim the piece you can see from the outside, the straight bit.


yer i should really think about getting one to :roll: The Driver weather stripes (the black bits between the door skin and window!)

I believe these are £120 a pair + £10p&p if you need postage, i just answered because if he has any in stock and you are going to the agm- he can bring the strips / you can bring the money! :lol:

If he hasnt got any, sorry for building your hopes up! :lol:

Pete :slight_smile:

£120 :o :shock: , na i not going to the agm mate would like to but things to do :frowning:

I do have these in stock and they will be at the AGM.

They are £120 EACH… from Mitsubishi UK…

We sell them for £120 a pair and sell loads of them.

AC…If your not coming to the AGM get some one to chat to me who is that lives near you and we can sort something out, to get them to you without damage.

Cheers Rob