Driving a Swedish car in UK?

Since there is almost impossible to get insured as a young driver here i’m trying to find a way around it.

What if I buy my 3000GT/GTO in Sweden (I’m swedish), insure it over there and then bring it to england. We have different laws in sweden and you don’t have to be insured ON the car. The car has to be insured but anyone can drive it. You just have to have a full driving licence.

Is that possible?

I don’t want anything less than a Twin turbo with 400+bhp and I can’t get it over here.

wish we had that law over here!

i think after a certain amount of time in the UK, the car would have to be registered over here and insured over here too.

have a look on the DVLA website for any information!


I found:

“There are International agreements which provide for the temporary use of a vehicle in a foreign country for a limited time, usually 6 months in a 12 month period. A visitor to the UK may use a vehicle displaying foreign plates, provided that all taxes (including vehicle excise duty) are paid in their country of origin.”

Not that good news…
It’s either moving back to sweden and get a quality car or stay in england and buy a fiesta 1.1. :shock: