E Mails and PM's?

I no longer receive an e mail telling me I have received a PM… Is there a reason for that ? :roll:

This has only started to happen in the last couple of days

There is no bounced emails for your email address, so the server thinks it got thought to you.

I am getting emails fine so it not a problem with the forum not sending them.

You sure they not been auto marked spam and moved moved to a spam folder?

Or maybe your ISP thinks it is spam and is auto deleting it before you get it?


Thanks for looking Mark… I’ll check my e mails again and get back to you :wink:

Just checked my e mails including deleted and spam folders and nothing… have also got my wife
to e mail me from her Hot Mail account and I received he e mail ok… just to check my e mail
address is…

Edited: Removed email address

I have received half a dozen or more PM’s since yesterday and not received an e mail from the
forum telling me about any of them… every thing has always been ok until yesterday :?

Well not sure where it is going then, as it not bouncing back

Still could be ISP deleting them.


I had that for a long tome Alan. Although my then ISP (not-so Supanet) denied any spam filtering, as soon as I set up a google mail account the mails started coming through again. Since I’ve been with Sky (who use google anyway) I’ve not had a problem.

You have checked the obvious “check box” in your profile…?
P. :wink:

[quote]You have checked the obvious “check box” in your profile…?
P. :wink:[/quote]

He has “Notify on new Private Message” enabled, and for replies if a manual click when posting.