E mails sayin they have been sent but there not?

i have replyed to several mails and most of them do not apper to be being sent despite it telling me it has at the time and even sends it to my hotmail but is not sending it to the recipiant and is not in my sent box does any 1 know why this is . :? ???

I presume you mean forum pms when you say ‘mails’.
IIRC, they stay in your outbox until the member downloads and reads them. Then they move to your sent box.

That’s right Rob. They only move once read.

Also remember you need to clear in inbox and sent box from time to time. Other wise you will not be able to send/receive pm’s :wink:

Thats a strange one… my in box has often been full over the years and I still receive pm’s ok… all
it does is delete the oldest pm from within your in box to make room for the new pm… :?

thanks every 1 but they are not even in my sent box or out box it seems it jus disappers and doesnt send it to the recipiant. it seems very random as some do get sent and go strait into sent box but never anything in out box i am baffeled .