Ebay car

hi has anyone looked at this car …thinking of having a look?

cheers rik

Yes - check the MOT history it wasn’t MOT’d for 10 years.

It failed in 2019 with exhaust and ABS faults I would make sure they have genuinely been resolved. For the ABS make sure the light comes on when starting the car and then goes out a second or two once running.

All in all doesn’t look bad from the pictures

Go and see and good luck :+1:


If it’s been in a garage for 10 years I Would defo reccomend having the fuel tank drained before running it as you have no idea what crud is there. Also get those brakes checked for sure

id Be asking if timing belt, pulleys and water pump have been done after sitting so long

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Spoke to the guy today and he is going to re list it at £3999 soon

Seems genuine enough guy on the phone, that price drop will fix most problems and its just been completely painted so should be nice and shiny

Could be a bargain for some one who can wield a spanner or two

Though it need some serious love !

Spotted it earlier for sale on the bay , saw the Empire was mentioned in the advert :+1:


My bad got confused thought you were talking about the red one :man_facepalming:

So when are you coming down south to view it craig? :crazy_face:

I’m washing my hair

I’m doing each one individually Every day , so that’s 5 days I’ve got to find another excuse :joy:

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You know you want it Craig. It’s in your colour too!