Ecu swapped

Hi all I have just swapped my 3 plug ecu MD159964 (faulty) for another 3 plug ecu MD189411.
All is ok except the cat over heat light is not on (cat removed).
Does all seem ok with my handy work ? or will I be having more issues soon ?
Regards Alan

You installed the wrong ECU for your car…

MD159964 is for a Single Cam Angle sensor car

MD189411 is for a engine With Crank and Cam Angle sensors
Although it will run and idle fine, you may cause damage to the engine if you run it under load with the wrong ECU installed
The two ECU’s have a fair few differences in them programming wise.

Thanks Rob, I will have to start shopping for the correct one or get the old one checked out.

Are there any other codes I could use ?

Try this guy

Tell him Evil Rob sent you…lol

:slight_smile: thanks again Rob

I might have one for sale :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting Neil.
??? Alan

ill check the numbers now.


You have a PM :slight_smile:

your cooling fans wont be operating correctly either as you have fitted a later MK1 ECU which has ecu controlled cooling fan. The earlier cars with the 9964 ecu have rad switches to operate the fans :wink:

I don’t know about correctly, but they are kicking in. Temp. sensors in the rad for the fan.

the sensors are in the rad on your car but the later ECU will be looking for sensors fitted to the engine as per later cars. Timing maps are slightly different too although that shouldnt really affect an otherwise stock car.

Hi Neil, i’m also on the lookout for an ECU unit MD159961 if you have one? Cheers, Graham

That ECU number is for a MK1 NA, if NAS doesn’t have one I do :wink:

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And you mosh need to answer your phone when i call you !!! :japanese_ogre:

yes boss, was in meeting when you rang earlier. Gonna ring you after munch when i have 4 hours spare :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi fastbikes, yeah that’s it, N/A MK1. As i haven’t got enough work to do at the minute (lol) i bought it as a project. The seller had run out of time for it but had got as far as removing the ECU as it`s a non starter and had tested it just to get it running with a friends spare ECU unit of a different code. He told me it started ok and ran but obviously roughly with the different code unit. So yes, not heard from @NAS as of yet and pleased to hear there are units available :slight_smile: