Dramatically reduce the temperature of you plenum and thus give your engine even cooler air to burn giving you more power.

This Plenum Spacer will also enable you to put your hand on your Plenum even after a high speed run. Check out the photo’s below to see the temperature difference the Spacer makes.



The Plenum Spacer Kit includes:

1x Plenum Spacer
2x Genuine Mitsubishi Plenum Gaskets
1x Set of replacement Stainless steel Bolts

The price of the Plenum Spacer kit is £50 + £5 P&P

And is in stock now for immediate delivery

i take it this is a bolt on/forget about mod, as in , you dont have do do anything other then buy/fit it. the 3sx one says you have to drill bits & bla bla bla… :?

if you dont have to muck around add this and a polished injector harness cover to what i p.med you for please!

Pete :slight_smile:

It is a bolt on and forget modification, but with good results for the price.

A small modification is required to fit this item.

Just unbolt your Plenum

You will then need to slot the right hand mounting hole on the mount, so you can still bolt the Plenum up to this steadying mount.

Then place one of the new gaskets on top of the lower plenum, then the spacer, then another gasket on top of the spacer.

Replace the plenum.

Then do it all back up using the extended Stainless Steel Bolts we supply…….

Job Done

Added to you list… :smiley:

I’d deifnately be up for one of the EK2 spacers.
Do you want the cheque to the usually nam and address ?



By adding this does it make the 2 bolts down the back of the plenum ( bulk head side) redundant?


Only one of them

See above for more information

Regards Rob

Do these fit NAs too?

Looks like a worthwhile add on…waiting to see if they fit n/a’s


If enough people who own N/A’s want these i will bring in the N/A version.

It will be the same price and the same bits , but just to fit the N/A plenum , which is different.

So its up to you guys to get 10 people to buy them.

I will start a new thread to gauge reactions

Regards Rob

Gents your all wrong on this…A DOHC will fit a DOHC…either NA or TT. I also have them available for SOHC which a little bit different due to the ports being round and not D shaped. Honestly not much gain for the NA guys but the temp will drop the same…many will argue the outside casting temp which is what you see measured in the pic in post #1 don’t count for the inside temp where X deg drop in temp nets X HP. NOBODY has had a power loss to claim to date with over 400 of these sold to date by me and several distributors. Many claim better stop and go performance in rush hour traffic…less stuttering in the morning warm up drives.

But to answer the question YES they will fit DOHC engines…either TT or NA.

some have ran without the back bracket and have had no issues, I would not do that IMO…oval out the hole and forget about it.


There you go the full answer from the man who makes them…

And ive got slapped leggs… :oops:

did the N/A version ever come about?

have you actually read the post by the bloke who makes them??

TT and NA are the same! :wink:

lol no just scanned the topic :oops:

PM sent

Cheers Rob

Can you send me a plenum kit please .
What payment is preferred for you cheque or PayPal
Thanks Alistair

Throw one in my box mate, tried to call you yesterday as I have 1-2 more things to add to my big order. Speak whenever, J

I have mailed you Alistair and Jeemy your already sorted… :smiley:

Cheers Rob

Add me to the list :wink: