Got a great quote from these guys for my Type-R. Very nice and friendly service.

Got two policies now.


I’ve been with Elephant for the past couple of years and they always seem to be the cheapest, and they dont tend to have silly little clauses either. The only thing was that when we insured the GTO we just upgraded the policy for the MR2. We’d payed £540 for that fully comp, protected NCB (Me and Mrs, 27/29, 6 years NCB and full NCB respectively). Thats with Anna having 6 points! They did say though that as the points were for speeding on a motorway, they were pretty negligable.
My only worry is that to upgrade the cover to the GTO for the remaining 3 months of the policy, they wanted £250. So, if my maths is right, that would mean I would have payed £1540 for the year.
We’ll see what happens in Feb as I’ll limit the milage, up the excess and I’ve got a thatcham class 1 on now. Reckon I can get 'em down to under a grand, but if not I’ll give AON or footmanjames a go.

By the way, did you try Tesco? If so did they insist on a tracker?

I tried Elephant and they said they didn’t touch imports!!! I think they lied…http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0903/waffen/violent-smiley-044.gif I had to go with CIS, about the same price as you for TPFT. http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0903/traurig/sad-smiley-023.gif

Tesco’s insisted that i had a traker and were definatly not the cheapest for me. They wanted £1700 renewal this year.


You see this is what I mean about the insurance companies. They tell downright lies and seem to make up quotes on the spot!!
I’m insured with Elephant as I said, and they are definately aware that mine is an import and I am the first UK owner. They never batted an eyelid. I got a quote off Tesco one afternoon just out of curiousity. They wanted an approved tracker fitted, but if I had one, quoted £930 which isn’t too silly.

I went tesco as they were the cheapest for me 1025 fully comp
95 jap import, 24, 4 years NCB

but yes they wanted a tracker (which cost me £450), but the next cheapest quote I had was £1800 so it was worth it

I’ve kept my Isle of Man based insurrance for my GTO. I’ll see next summer what they offer me. If it is rubbish then I’ll move that one elsewhere as well.

If any of you have a problem with Elephant or prefer to pay by direct debit (which Elephant don’t support) then try Admiral. They own Elephant and even use the same on-line system (though in different colours). I tried both but it was looking at being about £20 more through Admiral, for one reason or another (same details entered). I decided in the end that I would pay this one all in one go as that would be less of a headache.

I’ve received my paperwork now and all seems to be great.


I used to be with Elephant, until they added £100 to my premium for the privalige of being hit by a woman driving on my side of the road. Her insurance paid out with no hassle and my car was fixed. Next thing I get a letter from elephant telling me to pay another £100 or they will cancel my policy. After a lot of arguing with them I cancelled my policy with them and got a full refund.

I then contacted trading standards, BBC watchdog, the national press and any other consumer group who would listen.

Elephants reason for the additional premium was, (their) statistics show that drivers involved in a non fault accident, go on to have a major fault accident within one year of the non fault. I personnaly know six people who have had non fault accidents (including my parents), and know of many others; none of them have had another accident since and in some cases that is over five years. Which means that as a safe and claim free driver Elephant have found a way to increase premiums for this otherwise less lucrative market. Which in my opinion is dishonest and to make the statement; you will go on to have a fault accident is not statistical but virging on claivoiance. Oh and I also asked them if I didn’t make a fault claim within a year would they refund the additional premium? No they wouldn’t!

Anyway one of the groups I contacted must have contacted Elephant because they started ringing me up asking me to reconsider my cancellation and offering to reduce the additional premium, needless to say after about half a dozen phone calls I told them where to stick their policy, and haven’t heard from them since.


Having your insurance premium go up because of a non-fault accident is ridiculous, as this could happen to even the most careful of drivers and there are many situations which even the most highly qualified ROSPA driver could not avoid - such as being hit up the arse.
I had always had in my mind that if I am involved in a non-fault accident, as part of recovering money under the banner of consequential damages I shall be contacting my insurance company and getting them to calculate (if any) the additional premium and for how long (3-5 years I see some insurers need to know about non-fault accidents) and then recover said amount through legal channels.


I tried that, but they wouldn’t make a claim for it! Can’t remember the reason they gave exactly, something about no claimable costs, but definately a no go.

Everyone, even some of the Elephant staff (although they wouldn’t say outright due to recorded calls) aggree it is a way for the robbing B*%!*!ds to get more money from drivers who would normally pay less.

Trading standards are still looking into it, but I don’t see they will acheive anything.

Oh and elephant were not able to provide me with a copy of the statistics they used to introduce this penalty.


I cant possibly see how, in a non-fault situation, that you possibly COULDN’T claim against the other persons insurance for the costs that you WILL incur as a result of their insured.
That would be like saying you couldn’t claim for loss of earnings etc. due to being unable to work due to whiplash etc. At the end of the day, it is you who will be out of pocket and thats a consequential loss.
I’d be outraged, and if my own insurers wouldn’t try to claim I’d take the other person to the small claims court.