Elephant.co.uk - Got a quote of £1000 Fully Comp for a 23yr old, 4yrs NCB. Pretty good quote, i thought. Considering i was charged £2,800 last year for my Skyline, and £3,600 the year before that!! :shock:

All i did to bring it down, was put my dear old mum as a named driver.

They did add an extra 100 pounds on because someone else hit my car last year causing a total of £1500 worth of damage!!! How can they get away with this!! The car was parked, so it wasn’t even partially my fault. Surely there are laws to protect the consumer against being exploited, or is that just a rumour i heard somewhere!

Sorry, got a bit carried away there. :roll:


i pay 1150 with elephant, 27 full ncb so seems a good price maybe next year ill put my old dear on (even tho she cant drive) and see if it comes down.
last week got a quote for a lambo daiablo vt and came in at 1700 so qiuite happy with that, might start saving as seen a nice m plater for 55,000