End of an era

sadly watched as elton drove my tt off down the road tonight ah well thats that then i supose all i can say is it was a fantastic car fastest thing i have had excluding bikes . we still have tanias car whitch is looking blody great with the mania monaco,s onit :smiley: back to where i was 3 yrs ago oh well N/A.s rock :smiley: just like to add anyone who says tuning a tt is making it unreliable ,nonesense over 4 yrs running 420bhp and still purring

sad day indeed mate, ive been there, you get used to being without an GTO id say. although i still loved every minute ive had in mines for 6 years.

Damn sorry to hear that mate

Still cant believe youve done it ,

at least you still have tani’s as you say , if your going to the xmas bash you best set off now though :lol:

Craig :cry:

see its started already :smiley: defo going to the crimbo do not geting shot of me that easy

Well at least not till I get me lifter tool… :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Sorry to hear you’ve let the car go… was it just the car needing something more spent out on it or
personal reasons that made you decided to say good buy to it. :wink:

That is so sad, wish I knew this was for real me and Sam would have brought the car :frowning: I know there was a for sale post but did not believe you would actually go through with it. I was kinda hoping everyone saying don’t do it, may of helped and you would have kept it.


Blimey Boo!

I am shocked! :shock:

[quote]Blimey Boo!

I am shocked! :shock:[/quote]

Ditto Ditto

A sad day indeed

chilax peeps still have tanias car
reason for the sale was not using it enough and with 2 grandchildren now we have no way of taking them out sooooooooooo i went and bought a seat alhambra 2ltr turbo petrol :smiley: now we can take the kids out with plenty of room for the gubins we need and i just thought ,meets we can lob the seats out n kip in it :shock: :smiley:
only problem is i think the tub is fooked when you floor it not much realy hapens or is it just me :smiley: