Engine bay heat shield

Used heat shield over engine bay, free if you collect it.


Certainly looks better than mine! Where are you ,if not to far, first dibs PLEASE!

I repaired mine with 2 inch wide foil tape from builders merchant. Stuff used to join celotex insulation boards. Has not come off in all the heat this summer. Looks pretty good.


I’m in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Hi, I’m sure it’s collection only but you’re around 90 miles away, would, could you send it if I cover all the costs? Cheers, Martin

Those shields are very delicate to say the least Martin, I think that’s why Gripo has mentioned it. I remember Rob saying that if we wanted to buy one from Mitsubishi, we’d be need to check it over first, and then carefully handle it afterwards.



Yeah, and also have someone with you to fit it, talk about silverised tissue paper.

Terry :sunglasses:

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I will have it please if if still going ?
Your around 20 mins drive from mine

Provisionally sold pending collection.

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