Engine Parts for Sale as a job lot

Hey all

About 18months ago i unfortunatly blew up my 4bolt engine TT, (top of 3 pistons cracked that caused no compression)
rather than rebuilding it, i decided to buy a good second hand engine & replace the whole thing,
since doing so, i have stripped down the broken engine to see the damage, seems the 3 pistons broke up & made some small pittered marks on the heads & some slight marks on the bores, but all the bottom end looks unmarked, i have since boxed it all up & left it (as i was going to rebuild it)
but as im hopefully moving home soon i will no longer have the room (or time)
so the whole engine (in parts) is up for sale,
due to weight it would be collection only


many thanks

hopefully someone can make good of it



Sold! Guess this is the start of yet another expensive project then … :smiley:

If You are just going to re-build it with standard pistons I can let You have 3 from the 96 MR engine I got of Elton for the block.
Jeff 8)